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hollister outlet online store"Laughter is the letter" ...... article book review

Fortunate enough to have read the District Office of the CPPCC Yangpei Hua six articles , benefit.

Read " Fuchun Mountains acquaintance with ", the parties know that she really wide range of knowledge ; " village Sao" chapter she praised the reform and opening up ; "Three Ya" Man , where she introduces the reader to the human geography ; " Overnight in Pingyao " readability really strong ; " stamp by the United States thought "is to express her patriotism ; while" laughing meaning " through her ​​now Dairenchushi meaning hollister outlet online store: to be laughing life .

I read the first article she had bee feeling is : writing is smooth , not the text intended to do . Really : highbrow , hyped ! Let me thank her increased knowledge !


" The Chinese people rich " ...... article book review

Yesterday saw the Pudong New Area CPPCC Yangpei Hua wrote , " The Chinese people rich " and other five articles hollister outlet online store , I read with emotion after repeated :

First, the " rich Chinese who " need to be supplemented culture is how ah ! I think big and so generous with her ​​colleagues to do the CPPCC , " talked about not talking white ", so the Sixth Plenary Session of the Communist Party Congress , sounded the march towards a socialist cultural power of the horn .

Second, the article read " the mood is so different ," the upper half of articles , the feeling relaxed and happy , like drinking nectar ; After reading the second half of the articles that I feel fulfilled comment on the service sector : hollister outlet online store a good business , bad attitude.

Third, the " Paris of the thick " is definitely worth learning.

Fourth, the " Seine tin trunk " This Essay in store for her simplicity , kindness, help the poor off feelings .

Fifth, the " meaning of life " is her populist , drawn to those corrupt officials , politicians and business habits of the whip.

Her five articles of this Title , like the people , said: " The Chinese people rich ," " state of mind so different ," someone such as " Paris is thick ," some people like " tin trunk Seine " , each interpretation of " the meaning of life ."

She thanked send me such a good article ! Look forward to a better , more works let me read it.


Hua Zhang Wencheng truth and beauty

hollister outlet online store reading articles written vaguely see a beautiful woman , slim in the bright and spacious central hall , people call her Yang . Pong told me that she was the Pudong New Area CPPCC level cadres . I saw her face, smiling, laughing very nice, very natural to stand before the end of the book case , her brilliance shone Yantai ink tank ; her chest Pei Liang Wen possession , waved a pen illness books , what a valiant ! She wrote articles are noble words , a beauty attached a paper presented her insights.

Really :

Yu Yang sweet ink tank, Pei Wen swipes good heroic ;

Sylvia Yu Xian Hua Zhang Yan , Wen was truth and beauty again hollister outlet online store and again .

I suddenly wake up , turn on the desk of " Yangpei Hua Collection" bound volume . ------ Yangpei Hua Wen America really is repeatedly showed true knowledge ah !

Zhang Fugen simple man , is an honor for many years as a " civilized ", " advanced" individual industrial and commercial households, he can not afford to lose this face , swallow ah ! He wanted to curse Lin Rong is " evil ungrateful daughter ", " ungrateful black-hearted woman" ! In particular, he grew up the son of David was raised , even everywhere Justifying Lin Rong, and his wife singing the same tune ,hollister outlet online store the chatter of parents this is not good, so right. Zhang Fugen was about to attack, his wife - David 's Mother dragged him to his room to go, said: "Children young and naive , we do accommodate adults forget your one point of ignition , a downtown market , would not home. anti- house mess, be ridiculed , "Zhang Fugen reasonable to think my wife put it : " ! ! ! when Grandpa , should be the primary responsibility of safeguarding peace and happiness of the entire family must endure this feeling ah . "

Zhang baby full moon wine dinner at Grand Hotel as scheduled , decent scenery . Of course , all expenses paid for by Zhang Fugen whole . But he said in an earnest toast speech : " Only one person in the child getting married , when my grandfather after his own , will fully appreciate the wonderful thing that only parents treat their children was the most unselfish ; parents care for their children only the deepest love licking the calf ah ! David and Lin Rong Yeah, you became a new father and new mother , you increased the burden , but we elders are your hollister outlet online store strong backing , as long as man kind, honest , willing to suffer, happiness will always be with you and us, " but young people do not understand, nor understood when one thing; ! or young people do not like to hear .